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Dames of Osbourne Series


My sex drive died when my husband did.
Raising our four young children had been my sole focus and no matter how often my friends told me to move on, I could never bring myself to do it.
The night I walked into Stefen’s classroom, it all changed.
Who knew all it would take was a young, tall and incredibly sexy history teacher to make it happen?
For the first time in nearly six years, I could feel that fire sparking inside me again.
There were no rules against parents and teachers dating but I fought long and hard (pun intended) to keep my wanton desire for him at bay.
And for the most part, it was working.
But then my eldest invited him over for Thanksgiving and being so close to him messed with my brain.
And my libido.
Now, I’m wondering if I was finally ready to move on.

Because of Stefen, I just might be.

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